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Springtime in the city

March 15, 2018 Latest News

The Frenchmen and The Royal Frenchman are ready to welcome spring alongside all of New Orleans, our neighborhood The Marigny, and the famed street that shares our name.  In the city we call this time of year high season due to the abundance of f… Read More »

Welcome to the Royal Frenchmen Hotel and Bar

April 25, 2017 Latest News

Frenchmen Street is the heart of the Marigny right next to the French Quarter.  Across from the beautiful park on Frenchmen, the Royal Frenchmen Hotel and Bar will soon open.  It is in the process of being completely renovated .. check b… Read More »

There's More to Come So Come Back Soon!

June 23, 2015 Latest News

Like Frenchmen Street, the Royal Frenchmen Hotel & Bar is getting bigger and better every day. Keeping coming back to find out what’s new.   Read More »