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Springtime In The City

The Frenchmen and The Royal Frenchmen are ready to welcome spring alongside all of New Orleans, our neighborhood The Marigny, and the famed street that shares our name. In the city we call this time of year high season due to the abundance of festivals, events, and activities that beckon locals and tourists alike into the streets, parks, bars, restaurants, in omnipresent merriment all over the city. With our city’s version of winter past, and the temperature mild and warm, we welcome city dwellers and friends from around the world into our two distinct properties. While we want you all to enjoy an overnight stay, both properties offer exemplary food, libations, music, art, and special events for every local and visitor to relish.

Our newest property, The Royal Frenchmen Hotel and Bar opened its doors in October and its bar is in full swing with a daily happy hour and live music nightly. This historic and chic property at the corner of Frenchmen and Royal streets exudes a relaxed elegance with park views from our bar and a number of guest rooms. A reprieve from the hullabaloo just steps down the street, our musicians create a relaxed setting to compliment conversations between lovers, friends, and passers through. This is the place on Frenchmen Street to enjoy the fine food and cocktails New Orleans continues to create and revive.

The Frenchmen Hotel, located in the epicenter of Frenchmen Street excitement, has a lively rooftop bar with pop up kitchens, DJs, and bands Wednesday through Saturday nights. Each guestroom is a unique experience with no two rooms sharing the same dimensions or decor. Our rooms are both funky and quaint, reflecting a truly New Orleans feel. This is the place to take in the night air and energy of the world famous clubs and venues lining the street. Our rooftop space is also available for private events and parties overlooking the excitement of the street. Spring is in full swing on Frenchmen Street and our two properties want to show you their version of what spring means in New Orleans. Yes, that last thought may sound like a silly line from an unknown song, but in New Orleans we encourage Tomfoolery, Elegance, Funk, and Chic to all flood the streets and pass a good time together.